Hi, I’m Flip Chavez, a passionate Event Marketing expert with 17 years of experience in elevating brand visibility, engaging customers through strategic events and building engaged communities. I specialize in creating unforgettable marketing experiences and fostering strong partnerships for exceptional results.

Currently Engaged In 📚:

  • Looking for my next full-time role, I bring a blend of innovation, teamwork, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With active listening at my core, I’m ready to tackle new challenges, refine strategies, and collectively drive success.
  • Developing brand engagement and marketing strategies with clients at Haftt
  • Furthering my eduction in project management

Standout achievements 🏆 :

  • Leading strategy and implementation of Cotopaxi’s 55 event national tour, significantly boosting their brand visibility and enhancing our key metrics—⬆️NPS, ⬇CAC, ⬆️LTV and cutting production costs by 77% and staffing costs by 34%
  • Oversaw the development and implementation of event marketing strategies at Eco.com, increased webinar viewer engagement by 25% and achieved a 92% attendee approval rating

Life Beyond Work 🌲:

  • Away from the hustle of work, you’ll find me hiking and road tripping with my partner Blair
  • Improv has been unexpectedly transformative, enhancing my skills in active listening, agreement, and supporting others. Performing scares me every time and after I’m always happy I did it.

Feel free to connect via LinkedIn, Telegram or email to explore potential collaborations or opportunities.